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Feel the good in Hollywood.

You know Hollywood is deeper than celeb gossip, movie trailers, plastic surgery, and red carpet appearances.

So why is that all we see when scrolling our screens?

We’re here to share the good in Hollywood, spotlighting the feel-good stories that matter.

The celebs you love make good things happen because of people like you.

The truth is, everything you love about Hollywood couldn’t exist without you.

Yes, you.

Be a part of the good in Hollywood in your very own neighborhood––no red carpet needed––with our app launching soon.

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Our History

We’ve been a part of the good in Hollywood for a while and we love Hollywood as much as you do.

We were the first site to nationally list movie theater showtimes back in the 90s. Over 20 years later, we continue to be a national leader for Hollywood content and an abundance of videos including movie trailers, interviews, and photographs.

What we do doesn’t feel like a job, because it’s a part of our lives. We spend our spare time diving into old and new movies, binge-watching TV shows that feel like comfort food, reminiscing about our middle-school trips to the movie theater on Friday nights, and gushing about upcoming movie releases.